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Free Wills Month

Thursday 19 October 2023

October is Free Wills Month!

Free Wills Month brings together a group of well-respected charities to offer members of the public aged 55 and over the opportunity to have their simple Wills written or updated free of charge by using participating solicitors in locations across England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

We have partnered with Free Wills, a company providing free online wills - ALL YEAR ROUND, to all ages.

Leaving a legacy to the British Dyslexia Association, however large or small, will ensure that we can continue to deliver our vital work and help change lives for the better. So, after you have remembered the people you care about, please don’t forget us.

To start writing your Will for free from your own home follow this link to complete an online form: Create A Free Will To Support British Dyslexia Association. ( or if you’d prefer to make your Will over the telephone, Free Wills provide a telephone service: 0800 612 8352.

Rosanna McCarthy

Rosanna McCarthy sadly passed away 9/4/22 she left us a very generous £4000 legacy in her will. A prominent, and highly regarded Dyslexia therapist, she was admired for her creative approach and providing sensitive and thoughtful advice to parents. She will be sadly missed.

Margaret Goult

Mrs Margaret Goult, who passed away in October last year left a generous gift in her will to the British Dyslexia Association of £5000. Her son, Martin, said “Mum studied at the Open University 'when the kids had grown up' Initially studying as an English teacher and then latterly specialise in teaching children with SpLD's. She went on to support overseas students with English in their further studies after retirement. She had a long fondness for the BDA and was keen to support the British Dyslexia Association in her will”

We are so grateful to both Margaret and Rosanna - their generous legacies mean the BDA is able to continue making society more dyslexia-friendly, helping to ensure everyone with dyslexia is able to reach their full potential.

If you would like to discuss ways in which a gift in your Will could make a difference, please call us on 0333 405 4555 or send us an email: Find out more here