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Why I donated to the British Dyslexia Association

Monday 8 January 2024

Dyslexia wasn't recognised by our education authority when I started primary school, so my Mum had to fight for me to get special needs support. I was lucky as I did then get support through my education even though at the time, I hated it as it made me different to the other kids.

I had some very dark times due to being dyslexic. The education system made me feel useless because whatever I did or however hard I worked it was never reflected in my grades. It felt like I was facing a system which hated me, one that would never recognise my efforts and made me feel like a failure. It felt like I was in a dark tunnel with no end in sight. I would have done anything to cure my dyslexia and to be like all the other kids.

The light from the dark tunnel came for me when I left to join college where I could pick a course that suited my skills. Finally, I felt like I was given a fair chance and could get recognition for my hard work. I suddenly realised that my dyslexia had given me skills and strengths that others didn’t have. Others may have academic skills that the education system rewards, but I could see things they couldn’t, I had built up strengths in other areas and no one would beat my hard work ethic.

I donated to the British Dyslexia because I would love other children to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. It may feel like you’re a failure and nothing you do is good enough, but that isn’t down to you, we just have strengths in other areas.

If you offered me a drug to remove my dyslexia now, I would say no thanks. I can see now that it has made me a stronger person and without it, I wouldn’t have achieved my successes.

Please keep going and focus on the strengths that your dyslexia gives you and find that something which rewards your hard work. You’re special!

Donate today

A donation means we can do more to support dyslexic children and young people in education and equip employers to support employees in the workplace. By increasing understanding of the challenges – and benefits – of dyslexia, you are playing your part in creating a dyslexia friendly society. Donations also help us to maintain our core services, including our National Helpline which provides information, support and advice on dyslexia and all specific learning difficulties and co-occurring difficulties.     

If you would like to hear more about what the British Dyslexia Association is doing to create a dyslexia-friendly society, and what support we offer, you can sign up to our newsletter here: Stay in touch - British Dyslexia Association (

On behalf of the British Dyslexia Association and those whom the money will benefit, thank you for your generous donations and helping us on our mission to create a dyslexic friendly society where dyslexics of all ages can reach their full potential.