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Did specialist tuition have a positive impact on learning during the pandemic?

Wednesday 15 November 2023

At the British Dyslexia Association we know that specialist teaching can make a real difference to learners who may be falling behind. This has been backed up by a new report evaluating the impact of specialist tuition our members helped to provide to over 1,100 pupils following the COVID 19 pandemic, when our charity joined with other membership bodies to form the Professional Tutoring Partnership (PTP).

Together, our specialist teachers delivered tuition as part of the wider National Tutoring Programme. Our chief aim was to upskill pupils with lifelong learning techniques and, in so doing, benefit their learning for the long term. We are delighted that the evaluation of this work has now concluded and the assessment of the impact of our PTP specialist tuition shows a positive impact on learners:

  • significant enhancement of school engagement
  • improved learning behaviours, including: metacognition skills, perseverance, curiosity, enjoyment and anticipatory thoughts.

These changes occurred for pupils with and without SEND and whether or not they were delivered in small groups or in one-to-one conditions. These enhancements in learning are supported by qualitative information that enriches the account of this programme.

Read the full report here: PTP-Outcomes-full-document.pdf (

Find out how to become a specialist teacher or assessor via the British Dyslexia Association’s accredited training courses here