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Contact magazine goes digital

Wednesday 10 June 2020

Guy Hands and Move Beyond Words feature in this edition on Contact

This June we’ve released our first exclusively digital edition of Contact magazine. Going digital means that we’ve been able to include even more content. You can now read more features and more helpful support than ever before.

Being digital brings its advantages

“This is our first digital edition. Whilst it was difficult to step away from a physical
version of the magazine, it was right to support social distancing efforts and being digital brings many advantages. Our page count is unlimited, so we have been able to produce a bumper edition with lots of helpful information for parents supporting dyslexic learning during the school closures.” Helen Boden, CEO of British Dyslexia Association

What’s in this edition?

Highlights in this edition of Contact include:

  • Professor Amanda Kirby giving advice on how to manage you and your children’s anxiety
  • A guide to multi-sensory teaching at home with Dr Susie Nyman
  • Guy Hands – investor and entrepreneur
  • Move Beyond Words – a creative duo seeking to challenge perceptions of dyslexia through movement

You can read the full edition of contact, or access our mobile-friendly version today.