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Book Review-Teaching Dyslexic Students

Thursday 14 December 2023

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Reviewed by Denys Lyne and Liz Blackburn for Dyslexia Matters Ltd

The initial chapters set the context of dyslexia, focusing on the definition of dyslexia, the theories and research that underpin best practice, and the co-existence of other specific learning differences that can overlap with dyslexia.

Chapters 4 and 5 discuss spelling and reading models, the complexities of the reading and spelling processes and the practical implications for specialist teachers. These chapters highlight the difficulties encountered by learners, such as weak phonological awareness or unstable visual systems, which combined with the complexity of the English reading and spelling systems can render the acquisition of literacy skills so challenging for learners with dyslexia.

Later chapters expand on good practice to alleviate the difficulties faced by learners, from informative initial assessment to identify both strengths and areas of development, through the setting of SMART targets and the principles of specialist teaching in targeted intervention programmes, the use of appropriate materials and resources, and how to evaluate a teaching programme.

The importance of pupil voice, metacognition, self-esteem and study skills are also explored and there is a chapter devoted to the teaching of older learners in all settings.

We are recommending this user-friendly book to all our candidates and are delighted with how it will support their individual, independent studies.

Teaching Dyslexic Students: Theory and Practice

This BDA developed guide, assists you in supporting children and students with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties through their education. Designed specifically for candidates on Level 5 diploma courses in dyslexia and specific learning difficulties, this hands-on guide is the perfect training companion for those wanting to know more about dyslexia and how to support individuals with dyslexia.

"This comprehensive, clear, evidence-based and practical book is a much-welcomed new resource for trainee specialist teachers to support them on their journey towards becoming qualified."

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