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#BDA24 – It’s a wrap!

Monday 24 June 2024

A big thank you to everyone who attended our international conference, Dimensions of Dyslexia: Evidence and Practice on Thursday and Friday last week. It was wonderful to see so many researchers and practitioners from all around the globe gathered together at the University of Surrey to join in a truly fantastic two days of learning and discussion!

The conference started with a welcome from our CEO Chivonne Preston and an opening address from the Chair of the academic committee, Professor Silvia Paracchini.

We were then treated to a completely packed programme of keynote speakers, symposia, spoken research papers, workshops and posters showcasing world-leading research from multiple disciplines. Delegates travelled from all over the UK, Europe, Asia, the Americas and as far away as New Zealand to share knowledge, exchange ideas and build relationships to continue advancing our understanding of dyslexia and related specific learning difficulties.

The breaks provided a perfect opportunity to meet other delegates, continue discussions from the sessions and visit the poster rooms and the sponsor exhibition stands. The atmosphere was alive with animated and enthusiastic dialogue!

The University of Surrey provided an excellent venue. Delegates appreciated the sunshine on the short walk to lunch and we fortunately did not lose anyone on the large campus! At the end of the first day we held a Networking Event in the evening. Attendees enjoyed drinks, dinner and an entertaining quiz in a relaxing environment getting to know each other and build further connections.

Overall, it was a very busy and productive two days, during which we were honoured to host such a lineup of outstanding sessions demonstrating such a breadth and depth of high quality research.

A huge thank you to all our speakers, delegates, committee members and sponsors for your presence and participation. Together, we can create a world where everyone with dyslexia can flourish.

The next international research conference is expected to be held in 2027.