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Touch-type Read and Spell

Tuesday 7 February 2023

The TTRS Course teaches typing while strengthening spelling and reading.
• Learn to type, read and spell 4,500+ English words
• Harness muscle memory to help with spelling
• Whole word approach from the start
• Structured and supported learning
• An online program for users of all ages and ability levels
• TTRS takes a multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham based approach

Advantages of typing for individuals with dyslexia:
• Typing makes it easier to produce clear and legible text
• It opens up access to spelling and grammar checks
• A phonics-based curriculum reinforces literacy skills
• Regular keyboarding sessions lower anxiety and build stamina
• Positive feedback boosts self-esteem and confidence

The Leicestershire Dyslexia Association has been using Touch-type, Read and Spell for many years. It supports many of our students both in our workshop and at home. An excellent resource for those with dyslexia and literacy difficulties.”

Arran Smith, Leicestershire Dyslexia Association