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Assessment and Support

How can you get an assessment for dyscalculia and/or maths learning difficulties?

An informal assessment of maths learning difficulties or maths screening can be carried out by someone with experience in maths learning and learning difficulties.

The purpose of an informal assessment of maths difficulties is to determine where the difficulties are, so that a programme of support can be put in place to meet the needs of the learner, and address the areas where they are struggling.

The purpose of a screening test is to see if there are traits of dyscalculic behaviour which needs to be further investigated through a formal diagnostic assessment.

The BDA recommend that a formal diagnostic assessment should only be carried out by an assessor who is qualified at level 7 in the assessment of dyscalculia and/or has either AMBDA dyscalculia or an APC. A level 7 qualification in the assessment of dyslexia is not considered by the BDA to be sufficient.

The BDA have assessors that meet that criteria, please see details of our Dyscalculia Referral Assessment Service. Assessments

SASC (The SpLD Assessment Standards Committee) guidelines on who can assess for Dyscalculia can be found here.