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Strategy Development 2021

British Dyslexia Association Strategy

We want dyslexic people at the heart of the British Dyslexia Association so that we are led by dyslexic people, for dyslexic people.

To determine our future plans, we need to understand more about what people with dyslexia really want us to be doing. We can only do that if we get as many people as possible to get involved over the next few weeks. Some of the questions we are asking include:

  • How do we balance support for local dyslexia associations with direct support for people with dyslexia?
  • What should our role be in developing stronger local support and networks?
  • How do we make the most of the many people keen to volunteer to help others?
  • How do we set up peer support networks?
  • How do we engage better with young people?
  • How do we ensure much greater representation of diverse cultures across all areas of our work?
  • How do we improve and enhance our research and information programme?

Our focus for the first part of 2021 is to increase our connections to people with dyslexia and improve our communications so that we really understand what you need us to do, so when we come to prioritizing our plans, we know what you want.

We recognise the need for change. For us as an organisation for people with dyslexia, but also across government policy, education, workplaces and wider society. We can only make those important changes happen by building an irresistible movement.