Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark

The philosophy underpinning the Quality Mark is that changing practice to accommodate dyslexic individuals often results in good practice for everyone.

In the case of educational institutions, the British Dyslexia Association recognises that the majority of moderately dyslexic students will be taught in mainstream classrooms and by non-specialist tutors. Therefore it is important that, as well as employing appropriate teaching methods, all environments are dyslexia friendly.

The BDA’s Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark aims to provide a framework of support and understanding for schools and other organisations within which the dyslexic individual can build on existing skills and develop new. This ensures that everyone within your organisation has a good knowledge of the needs of the dyslexic individual and that resources are available to meet such needs. This in turn is likely to lead to greater levels of achievement and retention for all learners.

The BDA Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark is an external sign of approval that is widely recognised not only in the UK but also internationally. This award is issued only to those organisations that have met its rigorous quality standards and demonstrates public recognition that they provide high quality education and practice for dyslexic individuals.

Above all, holding the BDA Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark is a very positive statement that lets learners, parents, staff and stakeholders know that your organisation is a good place for dyslexic individuals.

BDA Quality Mark and CReSTeD

We are delighted to announce that CReSTeD (Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils) has invited us to include all of our BDA Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark schools on their prestigious register of "Maintained Sector" (MS) schools. For further information please visit: http://www.crested.org.uk

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