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SASC CPD – CEO becomes a delegate for the day

Thursday 13 February 2020

As a specialist teacher and assessor there is a requirement to undertake regular CPD including SASC approved CPD. Let’s be honest though for many of us it's something that we know we “have to do”, and whilst fully understanding and appreciating the necessity of keeping up to date and constantly striving to improve our skills, fitting it into busy lives sometimes feels like a bit of a challenge.

In my role as CEO I am no different from other specialist teachers and assessors. So, I booked myself onto one of the BDA’s SASC approved training days. Now if I’m honest the choice of programme “Psychometric Assessment & Statistics in Context – An Advanced Refresher Course for Practitioners” would not have been my first choice. However, geography and my bulging diary commitments meant this was the only option I could do.

I am probably no different to many of us and it was with some trepidation (cold sweat fear) at the thought of a day full of statistics that I headed off to join the other delegates for the day.

How wrong could I have been! In simple terms it was a total joy… and I never thought I would say that about a day filled with standard deviation and confidence intervals. I think for me being able to spend a day with other practitioners just focussing on and discussing the nuances of the tests that we administer as part of a diagnostic assessment was an absolute luxury.

I must give full credit to the trainer for the day Dr Kim Rochelle. She made all of us, many like me, a bit anxious about the numbers, feel totally at ease and inspired us to be confident and ask questions and seek clarification about things we were unsure of. I like my fellow delegates had a few light bulb moments as my brain dredged through its knowledge banks. I may even become a statistics geek as a result!

I should also say thanks to Kim as well as its not easy when the CEO rocks up to one of your training sessions and I hope I wasn’t too disruptive although I suspect I probably was!

Post by Helen Boden, CEO, British Dyslexia Association.