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Review of KS1 test papers for Standards and Testing agency

Monday 21 October 2019

The BDA have been involved in reviewing KS1 test papers for the Standards and Testing agency at the Department for Education.

This is a really valuable exercise and it ensures test papers are as accessible as they can be for learners with a variety of neurodiverse conditions; the panel of test reviewers consists of inclusion experts in all areas. We look at the wording of the question, the layout and style and make suggestions as to how it could be changed to make it more accessible.

Obviously this is a tricky balance to make changes that benefit all learners as what works for one learner, may not work for another. However, if the exercise mitigates the difficulties for learners in some of these neurodiverse groups, then it achieves a positive outcome.

As a an ex teacher, I have no idea this work took place and it is really reassuring to know that the DFE do reach out to the experts and take on board their recommendations.

Karen Mace - Head of Assessment and Professional Level Training, BDA