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EdPlace receive British Dyslexia Association Smart Award

Thursday 11 July 2019

Recently, it was our pleasure to visit EdPlace in Borough, London to present them with their British Dyslexia Association Smart Award.

EdPlace was founded by Will Paterson, who is dyslexic, to give parents access to quality educational support that effectively helps their child succeed.

They have been working towards Smart Award as part of their focus on being dyslexia friendly internally and externally. EdPlace CMO Jessica Craker, who leads the organisation’s work to embrace dyslexia, had this to say about taking part in Smart Award…

“Receiving our award is a huge privilege for us. As a whole company, we really immersed ourselves into the topics of the award, meeting together once a week to have some protected time to go through the specification. Having the security of a trusted team and the dedicated time to explore sometimes difficult subjects, helped us submerge ourselves into the difficulties that some with dyslexia face at work.

“The same exercise, however, also highlighted the special attributes and creative thinking that a dyslexic person could and does bring to the EdPlace team. The benefits of a diverse group massively outweigh the small changes that need to be made, to create an inclusive and comfortable working environment for all.

“For some of us, this was new territory to explore, and it changed our approach to supporting colleagues in a more personalised and friendly manner. For others, it was a refreshing and non-pressured opportunity to express our own differences, with the unwavering support from those that we spend our working day with.

“Our focus on inclusion for our customers is paramount and core to our business. Having the opportunity to look closer to home and 'draw in' that inclusivity, has made us more open minded, outcome positive and aware of ourselves and others. We really do practice what we preach!”

Congratulations to EdPlace on receiving Smart Award!

Smart Award is for any organisation that wants a practical, simple and cost-effective pathway to embracing dyslexic staff and customers. To find out more please click here.