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British Dyslexia Association hosts adult dyslexia and dyscalculia conference

Thursday 18 July 2019

The British Dyslexia Association was delighted to welcome a stellar line up to our recent conference Dyslexia & Dyscalculia, Empowering Adults in London. Highlights included:

  • Pete Jarrett and Clare Trott provided insight into the experiences of adults who are dyscalculic and the impact that it can have on their daily lives
  • Rod Nicolson and Angela Fawcett launched new findings on the value of dyslexic thinking within the workplace
  • Arran Smith wowed the audience with a demonstration of the accessibility technology build into Microsoft
  • Artist Tim Mann brought colour, literally to the day by showing his artwork and sharing his personal journey of dyslexia

The day focused on empowering dyslexics to reach their potential and explored the importance of a neuro-diverse workplace in terms of the benefits it brings to employers.

Helen Boden, CEO of British Dyslexia Association, said:

“Dyslexics are already making an invaluable contribution to the workplace, but there is potential for so much more. By empowering dyslexic employees and making a strategic decision to embrace neurodiversity, organisations can see huge competitive advantages.

“It was so important to bring together leading thinkers in this area together with leaders in embracing dyslexia in the workplace to share ideas and find ways forward. We hope all those who joined us are as energised as were by the day.”

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