Screening Tools

Screening for Dyslexia can often be conducted online and some carry a small cost from £30 - £50.

The benefit of using screening tools is that it is something that the individual can do on their own without the need for a professional qualification. A screening report can help the individual to realise their functional strengths and weaknesses helping them better understand their difficulties. The output report can also be useful to show an employer evidence of a difficulty being present and can help inform on the types of adjustment that can be considered to help a person in their role.

Adult Checklist

A checklist for dyslexic adults will not provide enough information for a diagnostic assessment, but it can be very useful in promoting a better self-understanding and a pointer towards future assessment needs.

The Adult Dyslexia Checklist contains questions that are predictive of dyslexia (as measured by prior diagnosis). In order to provide the most informative checklist, scores for each answer indicate the relative importance of that question. Alongside each line you can keep a tally of your score and at the end find a total.

Download the Adult Dyslexia Checklist by following this link.

Screening+ Profiler

BDA in partnership with Do-IT Solutions brings you Screening+ Profiler, a state of the art online screening programme that helps you unlock your hidden talents. Using a suite of tools, it not only identifies dyslexia-type traits and difficulties but also makes useful suggestions through extensive personalized reports with links to online resources. Screening+ Profiler looks to maximise your skills and understand the challenges relating to many aspects of life. It is for individuals 16 years and over, and is good for those in Employment, those seeking Employment, as well as those in Further and Higher Education.

Please follow this link for details about the screening tool. (Cost: £48 inc vat).

Do It also provide the Workplace + Profiler, a web based unique computerised modular assessment screening tool that provides analysis and contextualized feedback and guidance on all specific learning difficulties including dyslexia:

During the period before, during and after this year's Dyslexia Awareness Week (from 26th September to 21st October) Do It Solutions have also kindly agreed to provide a free screener Dyslexia + for young people and adults aged 16 and upwards. Click on the link to find out more and to take the Dyslexia+ screener today.

SPOT Your Potential

Spot Your Potential is the new program that will help you discover your personal strengths as well as indicating if you have dyslexic tendencies. Follow this link to the screening tool. Please note that this tool is suitable for people over the age of 15.

Please follow this link for details about the screening tool. (Cost: £29.99 including VAT)