National Helpline

About BDA Helpline.

The BDA Helpline (0333 405 4567) is completely free and confidential for all dyslexia related calls and emails. The BDA Helpline provides dyslexia information and advice surrounding dyslexic issues. 

The Helpline is manned by a small number of staff and a team of trained volunteers. All information, advice and signposting is completely impartial. If information requested is not available we aim to return a call within one working day to advise on how the enquiry is progressing.

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The Helpline aims  to be accessible to all. Speakers of other languages may have access to Language Line.

When you call or email our National Helpline the information you supply will be treated at all times as confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party unless you agree for us to do so. Please see the Helpline Data Protection Notice for more information.

Please note: the Helpline is unable to help with customer service or queries for other BDA departments. For all other departments, please see the Contact Us page.

Contacting Helpline

Before you contact Helpline, please check our Frequently Asked Questions sections first which can be found under the website different user sections. These may provide you with the information you need.

Opening times:

Tuesday 10:00am - 1:00pm, Wednesday and Thursday 10:00am - 3:00pm.

By phone.

To talk to Helpline staff, phone 0333 405 4567.

Calls to the Helpline are anonymous.  You will not be asked for your name and our Helpline staff and volunteers will not see your telephone contact details displayed.

We only record the category of call; whether it is from an Adult, Parent. Student, Teacher, or Employer.   We may ask you for the town you live in so that we can direct you to local support services. We will only ask you for your contact details such as name, address, phone number or email address if you have asked us to send you some further information in relation to your enquiry.  Your details will only be used to send you the information you have requested and will not be forwarded onto a third party or used for marketing purposes without your consent.

Any personal information that is recorded during the call is shredded at the end of the call once the information has been sent to you.

We regret that we cannot make calls to third parties without their consent.

Via Email.

You can contact the Helpline via e-mail

Emails are received into the helpline inbox which can only be accessed by log in and password by Helpline staff and Helpline Volunteers. Emails will not be forwarded to third parties. In the event that it is necessary to forward your email to another department in the BDA, who is better equipped to answer your specific enquiry, you will be notified who the email has been sent to and given their direct email address for information. All BDA staff follow our confidentiality and data protection policies.

We regret that we cannot email information to third parties without their consent.

Your email address will not be used for marketing purposes without your consent. Copies of sent emails are held securely on the BDA server for 6 months in case of query or follow up.

Please Note: It would be helpful if you could mention where you live in the country so that we can signpost you to the most appropriate local help.

Via Letter.

Letters that are received by the Helpline will be shredded once the enquiry has been answered.  We regret that we cannot send information to third parties without their consent.

Social Media.

Messages and questions that are posted on the BDA social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter are in the public domain. We are happy to answer generic questions via social media, but we will never post confidential advice on our public pages. Where this is required we will use the private messaging facilities on social media or suggest that the discussion takes place via email or telephone.