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#MyDyslexiaStory: Natalie Walker

Wednesday 20 April 2022

I was diagnosed, as an adult, in January 2016, and I was elated to finally find out why I struggled in life. When you come from a specific background, teachers don't always see that you have a learning difficulty. They think that you're not trying hard enough or your parents are not putting in the effort.

“Even though I like to write, I struggle to get my thoughts on paper quick enough.”

I would have to say that there have been several challenges. Even though I like to write, I struggle to get my thoughts on paper quick enough. Throughout college and university, I found that I was one of the students that took forever to hand in my assessments. It wasn't because I never put in the time and effort; it would always take me a while to think about what to write. Another challenge is directions; I can drive to certain areas several times and still forget how to get there. In terms of positive ways, it is pretty hard to think of them. However, because I would have to read a text numerous times to comprehend it, my analytical skills improved immensely.

Out of my comfort zone

I went to college and attained an A in GCSE English and a C in Maths. I then went to university and graduated with a Diploma at a distinction level.

I started a blog this year, about dyslexia and my educational journey. It hasn't been easy as you have to keep creating content, but I did it to come out of my comfort zone, improve my writing skills, and show people that you can become a blogger if you have dyslexia. You can read my dyslexia blog here:

My advice for someone who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia:

Don't hide the fact that you have dyslexia because by telling people, you can get the help you need. Also, you might take a while to finish tasks, but don't worry about it, it will get done in the end. I would suggest using the speech option on an Apple device for reading, It will read the entire text and pronounce any words you may struggle with.