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#MyDyslexiaStory: Kye Wilson

Tuesday 23 November 2021

I was diagnosed whist at university (as a mature student) when a friend on my course who is also dyslexic recommended I had an assessment.

Without experiencing things differently and having to work in different ways because of my dyslexia, I may not have become self employed, or a successful moving image artist who primarily creates video art/installations.

The challenges are ongoing but when I do successfully receive funding for my arts projects, that enables me to work more effectively and continue to realise more ambitious artworks.

Find out what support is available to you

At university I received a scribe, extra time to compete my work, and the provision of some specialist equipment and software. When I apply for grants for my arts projects, I look to obtain access support at the pre-application stage where possible and I build in costs for this help when I deliver the funded projects too.

My artistic achievements so far

As a dyslexic artist, achievements include my works being performed, exhibited and screened nationally and internationally; receiving awards:

  • ‘Best video art work’, Madrid Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts
  • ‘Best film’, Undercover Surrealism exhibition, Hayward Gallery

I also obtained an MA in Fine Art with distinction (University of Portsmouth, 2011).

Important pieces of work I’ve completed include commissions:

  • Faces (2014)
  • Monocular View (2015)
  • Arts Council England funded projects: ‘Embodied Vistas’ (2014), ‘Angel:legnA’ (2017) and Empathy Machine (2019)

My advice for someone who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia

Try and find out what support you might be entitled to as it is often unclear and difficult to know where a little help might be available and from whom.

Due to my dyslexia barriers, I have managed to find new ways of working to survive and excel. This has in part enabled me to look beyond conventional ways of living and employment, become a recognised art professional, and being able share this knowledge and experience with other creatives. Being dyslexic is a strength, not a weakness.