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#My Dyslexia Story: Tasha Cresswell

Thursday 26 May 2022

As a child I struggled throughout school. I often felt isolated and side-lined at primary school. With fully supportive parent I was taken for assessments in year 3.

My dyslexia gift

I have a gift! My dyslexia allows me to see the world from a different view and I have my own unique perspective. It has taken me to my late 20’s to see that my struggles, lack of confidence through school and into university were hugely significant academically but also personally.

Positive and negative influences

I received extra support which my parents paid for outside of junior and senior school.
I had a wonderful English teacher who inspired my love of reading and pushed me to believe in myself. At sixth form I faced barriers of teachers who lacked the right education and understanding of pupils with SEN needs, often highlighting my failures in spelling and grammar in front of the whole class.

At university I was too scared to ask for help and didn’t access what I should have. Mainly based on my sixth form experience. I had a great tutor at university who supported me and another who suggested I shouldn’t study anything academic and should go into a more practical subject such as plumbing!

As you can imagine I ignored his comments and went on to pass my degree and go onto a PGCE to become a PE teacher and I have gone back to university recently to study a diploma in mentoring with the university of Buckingham. My dyslexia has never stopped me from learning.

My dyslexia makes me, me!

As a secondary school teacher I often tell my pupils that I have dyslexia and explain I am human. I may struggle but without dyslexia I wouldn’t see the world in my way and wouldn’t be me.

My advice for someone who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia:

You have a gift! Never doubt yourself as without this gift you wouldn’t be you!!

It will make life difficult at times but it will also give the chance to see the world through a wonderful perspective! It’s a gift, cherish it!