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Kitty makes a splash to support the British Dyslexia Association

Thursday 11 June 2020

Kitty swimming to raise money for the BDA

Our fabulous fundraiser Kitty, aged 12, is making a splash and taking on the challenge of swimming the length of the English Channel in her grandparent’s pool. She wants to raise awareness and money for the British Dyslexia Association.

With the right help we can succeed

“Like many others I have dyslexia, this can make learning a struggle but with the right help we can succeed. I am very lucky to have had an educational psychologist assessment, the findings of which have helped me understand why I find school difficult - I always thought I was stupid! “

I would love more people to understand dyslexia

“Some people still think dyslexia = stupid, this most definitely is not the case - we just think and learn differently. I would love more people to understand dyslexia and to get the help they need to succeed. Plus, I needed a challenge while I can’t go to school. So, I have decided to swim the distance of the English Channel in my grandparent’s pool before 3 July in aid of the British Dyslexic Association”

Kitty’s mother Emilie added “Kitty is one of those children who has always struggled with self-confidence and has always felt her friends think she is stupid. Since her assessment, which showed her strengths as well as the areas she struggles with, her confidence has improved hugely and she is really keen to support others with dyslexia.”

You can find out more about ways to kick start your fundraising by visiting our fundraising web page.

Kitty swimming with her dog