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Dyslexia and me: Stephanie's story

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Guest Post

For many children with dyslexia, their poor behaviour can be directly traced back to their condition. Acting out in school can be a common response for children who struggle with reading and writing in class.

Dyslexia and me: Becki’s story

Friday 11 October 2019

Guest Post

People with dyslexia can understand complex information, communicating with others and seeing the big picture, meaning that they make diligent and creative employees. However, too often we are failing to empower individuals with dyslexia to do their best work...

University and dyslexia

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Guest Post

Going to university was an interesting and eventful four years for me. Some people go merely to study, some to socialise and others a combination of the two. For me it was mainly to study, but I did have a number of great nights out and memorable life experiences along the way.

The tale of two dyslexics

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Guest Post

It’s early September and I’m sitting here reflecting on the fact that a week today, our daughter Kathryn will be submitting her MA Dissertation and we’ll be out of education forever! YES! Like her older sister Emily, Kathryn is dyslexic and their education journey has been interesting to say the least.

Dyslexia and me: Vic’s Story

Monday 7 October 2019

Guest Post

There’s a dangerous myth surrounding dyslexia; to those less informed, dyslexia can be falsely viewed as an impenetrable barrier to academic success. Whilst it’s true that dyslexia can slow learning, with the right environment, support and attitudes, there’s no reason a person who is dyslexic cannot achieve just as much as any other person.

Survey: your experience in tax return writing

Thursday 19 September 2019

Guest Post

The British Dyslexia Association is partnering with Exchequer Accountancy to look at how tax returns could be simpler.

Feed the reading beast

Friday 30 August 2019

Guest Post

Summer break, we are so excited in the first week. We make plans and are full of good intentions, we think, “yes, this is the time to invest, I shall practice marvelous parenting...