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Local Hubs: Volunteers Opportunities

Do you have the time, skills and passion to volunteer in one of our first Local Dyslexia Hubs?

We want to inform, support and empower adults with dyslexia and those who support dyslexic children, including their families, carers and educators. We aim to help people access local and national routes for support and gain a deeper understanding of current best practices for dyslexia support for people of all ages in education, work and life in general. The end goal is a stronger dyslexia community, lasting change in organisations and individuals who can overcome barriers and have better lives.

Local Hubs are a community not a place.

The Local Hub is all about the people – those who want information and support around dyslexia and of course our fantastic BDA Volunteers running these services across the area.

The BDA will not be spending money on a physical base, but working with local organisations to use suitable venues for each service the hub offers.

Ways you can support our Local Dyslexia Hub project


  • Become part of a volunteer team running local services
    Any spare time or expertise you can offer is appreciated

See Local Hub Volunteer Role Description below and apply today!

  • Local business collaborations
    Work with us to provide support to your community

If you don’t have time to volunteer:

Watch this space for news on what we’re offering in your area.
To find out more email us at:


Help us offer something new to the dyslexia community in Devon.

Northern Ireland

Live in Northern Ireland and looking to help the dyslexia community?

Andrew describes his motivations for volunteering:

"I received a late life diagnosis of Dyslexia prior to my 33rd birthday. Upon reflection it validated the many challenges I had lived with at school, university and also in employment. I recognise the many challenges people living with dyslexia and neurodiverse conditions have to manage daily. Read more

De Cymru | South Wales

Are you passionate about supporting your dyslexia community? South Wales, let's get started!

Lynne explains why she is volunteering:

"I am made by dyslexia and I have a family history of dyslexia that spans across 5 generations. My working background is in nursing and teaching and with a strong desire to know more about dyslexia, I recently qualified in Special Educational Needs (dyslexia).
Read more

Local Hub Volunteer Role Description

What is the role of a Local Hub Volunteer?

  • To represent the BDA in the local area and promote our values.
  • To run support and information activities for the local dyslexia community.
  • To liaise with BDA colleagues to establish services that meet the needs of children, young people and adults in the local area.
  • To engage with people with dyslexia and their families, involving them in local hub services and attracting new volunteers.
  • To make local connections and publicise local hub and national BDA activities.
  • Regular communication with BDA colleagues to update on success of activities and report outcomes and impact.
  • Undertake training offered by BDA.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times, adhere to the BDA’s code of conduct and other relevant policies.

What are the skills* needed to be a Local Hub Volunteer?

  • Personal or professional experience of dyslexia.
  • Commitment and enthusiasm to help.
  • Teamwork; able to cooperate with and respect others.
  • Good communicator.**
  • Compassion and empathy for people with dyslexia of all ages and their families.
  • Inclusive attitude and welcoming to all, not making assumptions about anyone.
  • Will disclose any potential conflict of interest.

*Please speak to us if you are unsure if you have the qualities we are looking for. We are keen to put together teams of volunteers who complement each other’s skills. We value diversity.

**We recognise people have different communication styles.

What is the time commitment as a Local Hub Volunteer?

Approximately 1-2 days per month, to be spread out dependent on volunteer availability and the activities the hub runs.

How will the BDA support each Local Hub Volunteer?

  • Offer support, guidance and feedback from a volunteer manager.
  • Listen to your feedback, ideas or concerns.
  • Involve and empower volunteers.
  • Acknowledge what volunteers give and celebrate achievements.
  • Provide training and practical resources.
  • Reimburse expenses incurred while volunteering.

To apply for this role, please complete the online application form.

If you have any questions or accessibility needs, please contact