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Your Challenge

We are always eager to hear from potential BDA challengers.

Whether you have a place in an event not listed on our pages, or whether you are planning a one-of-a-kind challenge please do get in touch.

You can reach the team at

A big thank you to all of our independent challengers. We've got a couple of their inspiring stories below:

Steve Eatwell

My Name is Steve Eatwell. I decided on a challenge so picked to ride London to Paris in July. I thought I would ride for the BDA as my son is dyslexic and all through his school life it has been a struggle on a daily basis to get help.

The BDA website was such a help in the early days with all the information available. I just think with all the children that suffer with dyslexia they really do need someone fighting their corner and this is a job that the BDA do really well.

Mike Steele

My name is Mike and my son Ashton was diagnosed with dyslexia 2 years ago after many struggles at school and a general feeling that he was struggling with what was expected of him.

Since his diagnosis and with the help of supportive teachers and BDA resources and contact (thanks Liz) his daily life has changed. With information on useful changes to make and a slightly different approach to our normal routine his life has dramatically changed in such a positive way and not such a constant struggle for him.

So what better way to raise awareness of dyslexia and the fantastic work BDA do than challenge myself to run the Torbay Half Marathon.