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Our London Marathon 2021 Team

On Sunday 3 October, our biggest team ever took part in the London Marathon, both at the live event along the streets of London, and across the rest of the country, and beyond, as part of the virtual London Marathon.

Meet some of the runners who made up our 2021 London Marathon team below!

Emma Humphries

Running the in-person London Marathon

This was Emma's first ever marathon, which she ran with her good friend Liz. They are supporting the British Dyslexia Association as it is a cause that has touched their hearts because of knowing many friends and family over the years who have dyslexia.

Emma was excited, but also nervous as it was a great honor for her to be running for the team. Emma also only started running just before lockdown, so this was also a huge challenge for her personally.

Jared Blank

Running the Virtual London Marathon

Matt Rudolph

Running the in-person London Marathon

Nicola Forrest

Running the in-person London Marathon

Nicola's daughter is her inspiration for running this year's London Marathon and they chose the British Dyslexia Association as it one that is close to their hearts and supports children and families in a similar situation to theirs.

"My daughter's school wouldn't recognise dyslexia and labelled her as a disruptive child. After 2 years of home schooling, she is now doing amazing; although her confidence is still very low because of the negative experience she had. I'm running the marathon to show her that you can achieve anything you put your mind to - you just have to believe in yourself"

Wonu Adebimpe

Running the in-person London Marathon

Wonu is dyslexic and a Pharmaceutical Scientist by profession.

"In my experience as a Pharmaceutical Scientist, I have found it quite challengeing keeping up with the pace of my colleagues when it comes to going through documents. And because a lot of people still do not understand what it is like to be dyslexic, there isn't nearly enough support for people with dyslexia. My goal and mission for participating in the London Marathon is to raise awareness about dyslexia, and also, as a sports enthisiast, participating in the marathon is somewhat of a lifelong goal I aim to achieve. It is a great honor that I have been blessed with this opportunity."