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Awareness Events

Parent Roadshows

***Due to Covid-19 we are not sure when these roadshows will be up and running again. Please keep checking back and following our social media links.***

These free roadshows will be delivered by BDA CEO, Nick Posford, as well as other experts, and will explore issues relevant to families with a dyslexic child or children.

We will cover topics such as:

  • What is dyslexia? Supporting your child's needs
  • Empowering potential
  • Navigating the SEN maze: entitlement, provision and appeals
  • How does my child's dyslexia affect me?

At each roadshow there is also the opportunity to ask questions, and to meet people who will have similar experiences and questions.

Come and join us and find out about dyslexia and how to support your children, as well as a chance to meet local people and get local support.