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Family Information Day 2022

Music Committee Workshop

Musical activities to help young people

BDA Music supports all those involved in music in any way:

  • amateur/professional
  • babies/children/adults
  • singers/instrumentalists
  • teachers/students/parents
  • dyslexic or neurodivergent in other ways

From our experience, music games and the use of rhythm can help with the development of literacy.

Music can help in LOTS of ways.

Our workshops today will give you a chance to do some fun music games which you can use at home or at school.

No experience needed!!

Come to our table and ask us about dyslexia, neurodivergency, music, dance, drama etc.

Music Committee - Sally Daunt

Chair (HE specialism; has BDA Level 5)

Music Committee - Rosemary Hodi

Primary teaching and voice specialism; AMBDA

Music Committee - Nick Sermon

Primary and secondary specialism; brass teaching; currently doing a BDA Level 5; specialist in music technology

Music Committee - Kristl Kirk

Piano teaching specialism and PhD student in music and dyslexia at York University