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Family Information Day 2022

Math Difficulties Workshop

Understanding and Supporting Dyscalculia, with Top Tips for Success in Maths

A hands-on workshop designed to provide an understanding of dyscalculia, with practical ideas to take away to support maths learning. This workshop is suitable for anyone teaching or learning maths. It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in dyscalculia or not, as the strategies are based on good mathematics teaching, which apply to all learners. The bonus is that you will leave with an understanding of dyscalculia and the development of number sense as well as a host of ideas to try at home or in the classroom to boost success in mathematics.

This workshop is suitable for parents, teachers, teaching assistants and children.

Carol Handyside - Specialist Math Teacher & Director of Spot on With Numbers

With over 16 years’ experience as a specialist maths teacher and tutor in maths learning difficulties, Carol is now a Dyscalculia teacher as well as being the Director of Spot On With Numbers. She has an in-depth knowledge of maths teaching for both primary and secondary aged children. She is brimming with ideas to teach maths meaningfully, maximising enjoyment, with a belief that everyone can do maths. To achieve this, she draws on the creative aspect of the subject, using concrete and visual representations, patterns, practical applications and games.