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Victoria Hind

Tell us about your dyslexia diagnosis - when were you diagnosed and when did you / family members / friends / teachers realise that you were having challenges?

I don't remember finding out I was dyslexic because I was so young. My mum said it was hard because whenever they gave me a book to read I'd just scream. She said I was always a clever toddler but when I got to school I didn't learn was well as the other children.

I remember hating my teacher because I didn't understand why she talked slower to me than the other children, and I thought she was singling me out because I was stupid.

How has dyslexia impacted you in both positive ways and challenges?

I think being dyslexic has made me more understanding of other peoples needs than I would have been if I wasn't dyslexic.

What support have you received for your dyslexia throughout your life?

Since I was in year one I would always get taken out of lessons and had extra support from specialist teachers and teaching assistants. I also went to a special dyslexic boarding school when I was 11 years old for one and a half years.

Do you have a particular story or achievement you would like to share?

I was always nervous and embarrassed that I was dyslexic because I thought as soon as people found out I was dyslexic they'd treat me differently. But I am now Miss Harrogate Galaxy and I will be competing to be Miss Galaxy England. I've worked hard to get to where I am, and I'm no longer embarrassed to tell people I'm dyslexic. It's a part of me and it's made me who I am today.

What advice would you have for someone who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia?

Your not stupid, your brain just works differently to other people. People with dyslexia normally have an average or above average IQ. Did you know that Albert Einstein was dyslexic? Leonardo da Vinci was too.

What one thing would you like the world to know about dyslexia?

That one in ten people are dyslexic.