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Nicholas Hounsfield

Tell us about your dyslexia diagnosis - when were you diagnosed and when did you / family members / friends / teachers realise that you were having challenges?

Diagnosed 5 years ago when my kids were checked for dyslexia and I failed the same tests!

How has dyslexia impacted you in both positive ways and challenges?

I work around solutions, I’m creative, I see things that logical minds overlook. I’ve recently had a stroke and the Dyslexia is worse that ever. …it’s at an all time low.

What support have you received for your dyslexia throughout your life?

Nada. Zero.

Do you have a particular story or achievement you would like to share?

Just that it’s a strength, not a weakness. It means you process information in a far more interesting way. The way we learn at school doesn’t help us, but the way we live life brings a huge advantage, we are creative, adaptable and I think more emotionally intelligent because of Dyslexia.

What advice would you have for someone who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia?

Lucky you. Embrace it, learn how to fit within this system we have and you will thrive… almost better with it.

What one thing would you like the world to know about dyslexia?

Same as above. It’s a superpower.