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Lennie Varvarides

Lennie Varvarides

Lennie is an Award Winning Artist, Writer, and Founder of DYSPLA, an art studio in London developing and producing the work of Dyslexic and Neurodivergent Storymakers. They work in text, moving images, 360, and XR. Recent works include Two Women, (360 Film, writer & director, 2019), Body of the Gods, (360 Film, writer, 2019), Touch, (XR Experience, writer, director, voice artist, 2020) Fight, (Flat Screen Multi-Channel, writer & director, 2018). YOU WILL FAIL HER, (Immersive Theatre, writer, director, 2017).

Lennie is currently conducting research into the Dyslexic Aesthetic through their own creative development practice funded by Arts Council England and all the DYSPLA Storymakers Residency, 2018–21). The Museum of the Neurodivergent Aesthetic is home to all the conversations and studies around this work as well as to all creatives who identify as being neurodivergent.

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