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Eva Middleton

Tell us about your dyslexia diagnosis - when were you diagnosed and when did you / family members / friends / teachers realise that you were having challenges?

I have never been diagnosed, but I found just recently that I was dyslexic which is amazing as I am 93 years of age.

I knew my mother had learning difficulties and my daughter was the first in the family to be diagnosed with dyslexia. I went to school at 3 and could read quite well when I was 11.

I was evacuated from London to Somerset during the war. The whole School was in one classroom. It was at this time I found that my mind works faster than I could write. I missed whole paragraphs!

I was very good at spelling but could never spell necessary, although I wrote it hundred of times. As I have said I am in my nineties and am interested in everything.

What one thing would you like the world to know about dyslexia?

How interesting it is! I wonder for example if people knew that Leonardo da Vinci had dyslexia?!