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Dyslexia Week

Dyslexia Awareness Week 2021

Your guide to Dyslexia Week

Dyslexia Week 2021 will be taking place from Monday 4 October - Sunday 10 October this year.

We've got lots of great activities going on throughout the week, and here's how you can get involved. Click here to view our themes for each day during Dyslexia Week.

We know that dyslexia comes with many challenges, but many people in our community feel like their struggles are unseen. Because dyslexia itself isn’t visible, individuals with dyslexia often feel unsupported, unwanted, invisible. From the child at school struggling to keep up with the rest of their friends, to the office worker feeling like they don’t belong.

Dyslexia also too often goes hand in hand with other invisible challenges. People can struggle with their mental health. There can be discrimination in the workplace. Legislation fails to consider the dyslexic perspective. Under-represented groups become lost.

That’s why this dyslexia week we are focusing on Invisible Dyslexia, to explore the entire theme of visibility within our community. We’ll highlight the importance of mental health, increase visibility of underrepresented groups, and raise serious issues of dyslexia being overlooked within education and the workplace.

Support our Helpline this Dyslexia Week

The British Dyslexia Associations Helpline is the only national, free Helpline service for people with dyslexia of all ages and those who support them. Run by volunteers with the support and guidance of our experts and specialists, it offers a lifeline to adults, young people and children with dyslexia, by providing access to confidential and impartial free information.

Between Dyslexia Week and the end of this year, we want to be able to support 100 more people through our Helpline who are affected by dyslexia. But to do this, we need your help. Click here to find out how you can donate.

Downloadable Packs

We've created lots of useful free resources to help schools, colleges, universities and workplaces across the UK to raise awareness and shine a light on #InvisibleDyslexia. From guides and presentations to posters and worksheets, we've got you covered:

You deserve to feel seen. Share your story.

This Dyslexia Week we will be focusing on the invisibility of dyslexia. This year we aim to offer a platform to those whose voices have been previously unheard. We want to hear your stories. Share your story with us here.

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Thank you to our supporters

The British Dyslexia Association would like to thank our supporters for this year’s Dyslexia Week