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Maths Difficulties - Qualitative Assessment and exploring the Diagnostic Assessment of Numeracy Skills by Sarah Wedderburn

This webinar will look at the qualitative assessment of students who have difficulties with maths at Key Stage One & Key Stage Two. As the tests are interactive and use concrete resources, teachers can observe their student’s thought process, vocabulary, body language and motor skills, as well as the answers. The session will explore the qualitative assessment, the Diagnostic Assessment of Numeracy Skills (DANS), which enables teachers to map the concepts that their students fully understand and their areas of weakness.

The webinar is appropriate for Key Stage One and Two maths specialist and mainstream teachers, and teachers of older students who experience difficulties with number.

Sarah Wedderburn

Sarah taught as a mainstream primary school teacher for many years before retraining as a specialist teacher. She worked as a tutor and lecturer at The Hornsby Dyslexia Centre where she was in charge of maths and dyslexia and taught for twenty years as an SEN maths teacher. Sarah founded Unicornmaths in 2003 where she works with four colleagues helping students who are referred by educational psychologists and schools that cannot meet their needs. Sarah wrote and presented the BDA’s first accredited Maths Remediation Training Course and now runs the Unicornmaths Advanced Dyscalculia Course. She published the Diagnostic Assessment of Numeracy Skills (DANS) in March 2019.

There will be a chance to ask questions at the end and we provide a CPD certificate.