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Identifying Dyscalculia


1 Session


From £120


Virtual Training or In person

Who is it suitable for?

This session is suitable for anyone wishing to develop their knowledge and understanding of dyscalculia.

Learning Aims:

  • To explore different forms of dyscalculia
  • To identify screening processes used in relation to dyscalculia
  • To discuss the basic principles required for an understanding of maths
  • To discuss the importance of concrete manipulatives

Programme Outline:

  • What is dyscalculia?
  • What are the indicators of dyscalculia?
  • Screening for Dyscalculia
  • Counting Principles
  • Concrete materials

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Thursday 8th - Friday 9th October 2020
(15:30 - 18:30)


Tuesday 9th February 2021
(09:45 - 16:00)

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