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Good Practice in Report Writing Pre 16





Course Description:

The course will look at recent changes in report formats and updated guidance from SASC. It will support assessors who need to update themselves new developments in report writing and allow them to reflect on best practice.

Course Outcomes
  • To be updated on current best practice around recent SASC guidelines and definitions.
  • Reflect on their choice of tests and writing up around the test themes.
  • Review the importance of background information and the qualitative and quantitative information in the production of the report.
  • Be confident in the use of the new report format for pre 16 year olds.

On successful completion, this course will provide 2.5 hours of authorised CPD (Continued Professional Development)

Entry requirements

These courses are only suitable for those with the following qualifications:

  • A Level 7 assessment qualification (or equivalent)
  • An Assessment Practising Certificate (APC) and/or AMBDA

Should you require further information or guidance on the above, please email:

Important Notice

In order to achieve successful completion of this course, you will need to have submitted your completed evaluation within 28 days of this course appearing on your eLearning account (noting equally, that this module will automatically expire 28 days from the date that this module has been released).

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