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Part of an Accredited Course

Dyscalculia Summer School (2020)


3 days in person training (3rd - 5th August 2020) and an assessed workbook.


£745.00 with Level 2 accreditation



Who is it suitable for?

The school is designed for teachers and TAs working with children and young people who want to be able to support dyscalculic pupils.

Learning aims

This course will give attendees a greater understanding of the problems dyscalculic pupils face, and appropriate methods and knowledge to help them.

Programme outline

It comprises three-full-days training (9:45am to 4pm).

Day one – Identifying dyscalculia:

  • What dyscalculia is and how we can identify learners with dyscalculia
  • Skills needed to be good at maths and what we can do to support learners who are struggling, focusing on concrete materials and how to use these effectively
  • Have knowledge of different forms of dyscalculia
  • Supporting Students with dyscalculia

ay two – Practical support for dyscalculia:

  • Different theoretical approaches to teaching maths and how these can be applied to learners with dyscalculia.
  • Further use of concrete materials together with the use of ICT to support learners

Day three – Other difficulties related to dyscalculia:

Understanding and supporting with issues with working memory, time and language of maths related to dyscalculia, including key strategies and metacognition

Those wishing at a later date to complete Accredited Level 5 Certificate in Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties and become a specialist dyscalculia teacher can put their Level 2 work towards this course.

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