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Accredited Level 7 - Diploma in Dyslexia Assessment and Intervention





Applications for September 2022 intake is now full, so we are now taking applications for January 2023.

Who is this course suitable for?

The BDA Level 7 Diploma in Dyslexia Assessment and Intervention (AMBDA and AMBDA FE/HE) provides training for individuals who already hold ATS/APS (or equivalent) and have a professional interest in assessment for dyslexia. The course is modular and flexible (within one year) and can be undertaken part time, through online learning. Individuals can apply for the course at any time to join a cohort in either January or September (from January 2022).

The course is suitable for assessing all age groups. You will be qualified to diagnose dyslexia either in pre-16 or post-16 depending on the age of the learners you assess and teach on the course. It may be possible for you to qualify to teach and assess across all age ranges; you would need to contact us to discuss this further. This would require additional study time and cost.

What is the qualification?

This level 7 diploma holds BDA AMBDA and/or an APC.

Entry requirements

To undertake this Level 7 Diploma in Dyslexia Assessment and Intervention (AMBDA and AMBDA FE/HE) you must already hold ATS/APS or have completed a course leading to ATS/APS within the last three years. The course must include two years full-time (or equivalent hours part-time) teaching experience in order to fulfil AMBDA requirements.

Candidates will need to complete and submit an application form prior to booking any elements of the Level 7 certificate. This provides us with information about your background and experience and will help us determine whether you are eligible for the course. Once your application has been approved and you have been accepted onto the programme, you will then be able to book the course.

Please see the following page which explains the options if you have completed a course leading to ATS/APS more than three years ago. Information regarding Individual Merit can be found on our website.

How is the programme put together?

The course is delivered entirely through e-learning via interactive lectures, webinars and videos. All candidates will have access to a personal tutor. The communication will primarily be via email with telephone calls/Skype used when needed. A reading/website list will be provided for candidates to undertake additional guided learning. Access to sudy groups will also be made available to candidates in order that they can share thoughts and ideas with peers.

The course consists of lectures, webinars, videos and texts to read as well as reflective activities to check learning as the individual progresses through the course. There will be ongoing formative and summative assessment.

This programme has been designed to provide candidates with:

  • Flexibility in booking and planning your study time to fit around other activities;
  • Regular support from a team of specialist tutors who all hold AMBDA/APC status;
  • Utilisation of interactive online study;
  • The option to book and pay for the programme on a “pay as you go” basis, to spread the costs;
  • Alternatively, the entire programme can be booked and paid for upfront.

All prices correct at the time of publication. All prices are subject to change

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