Post 16 Training Providers

Post-16 Training Providers

The Quality Mark for post-16 training providers is made up of standards that cover 5 key areas:

Standard One: Effectiveness of Management Structure
Standard Two: Identification of Dyslexia/SpLD
Standard Three: Effectiveness of Resources (Physical Environment, Teaching and Learning)
Standard Four: Continuing Professional Development
Standard Five: Partnership and liaison with learners, parents/carers, and external agencies


Information Pack for Post-16 Training Providers

To download the information pack for post-16 training providers, click here.

The information pack contains the following documents:


You can also download these useful documents:


* If you would prefer to break these payments down annually, please contact us.

  Fee before
Fee incl. VAT
at 20%
Registration payment
Due with your application form.
£750.00 £900.00
Verification payment*
Due before your verification visit and within 2 years of registration.
£750.00 £900.00
Re-Verification payment*
Due every 3 years after the Quality Mark is awarded.
£1500.00 £1800.00