Higher Education

Higher Education

The BDA Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark is an external sign of approval that is widely recognised not only in the UK but also internationally. This award is issued only to those organisations that have met its rigorous quality standards and demonstrates public recognition that they provide high quality education and practice for dyslexic individuals.

There are several standards that must be met to become a recognised dyslexia friendly university (reasonable adjustments university).

The Quality Mark for higher education is made up of standards that cover 5 key areas:

Standard One: Effectiveness of Management Structure
Standard Two: Identification of Dyslexia/SpLD
Standard Three: Effectiveness of Resources (Physical Environment, Teaching and Learning)
Standard Four: Continuing Professional Development
Standard Five: Partnership and liaison with learners, parents/carers, and external agencies


Information Pack for Higher Education

Download the information pack for higher education.

The information pack contains the following documents:


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  Fee before
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Registration payment
Due with your application form.
£750.00 £900.00
Verification payment*
Due before your verification visit and within 2 years of registration.
£750.00 £900.00
Re-Verification payment*
Due every 3 years after the Quality Mark is awarded.
£1500.00 £1800.00