APC - Renewal

Assessment Practising Certificates (APC) are valid for 3 years from the date of issue.  Please read the Guidelines for 20 hours of Continual Professional Development (CPD) before applying to renew an APC. Applicants should also look at the following documents prior to submission. 

It is recommended that all applicants refer to the SASC website for up to date information.


To renew an Assessment Practising Certificate applicants should:


Guidelines on 4th Renewal of APCs issued

Summary: SASC  has revised the guidelines for practitioners who have successfully renewed their APCs over an extended period of time.

These assessors have demonstrated their committment to, and evidenced their professional practice by three successful renewal of their Assessment Practising Certificates. Therefore on their fourth renewal [5th APC] they will no longer be required to submit a diagnostic assessment report. 

They will continue to maintain their committment to CPD and adherence to code of practice of their professional bodies. Therefore they will continue to submit a CPD log meeting the SASC guidelines and pay the renewal fee. 

Assessors will be notified by their APC awarding body when they meet these conditions. These conditions apply to any APC renewals submitted subsequent to this announcement, 20th March 2017.


The fee for APC renewal is £165, please make cheques payable to the British Dyslexia Associaton and include with the application.; Other payment options are on the renewal form. If an organisation is paying the fee, complete the invoice form in all cases please include payment with the application. 

Please note that payment is taken on receipt of application, please take this as confirmation of receipt

Send APC renewals to the BDA at the address below.

Please make sure the correct postage is used, the Post Office will not deliver underpaid items.

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