Assessment Practising Certificates

The BDA Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) Assessment Practising Certificate (APC), recognises the professional achievement, training and skills of specialist teachers who have followed a recognised course of study (eg. AMBDA or equivalent) and can demonstrate their knowledge and competence in SpLD and assessment. This includes demonstrating a commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and the BDA Code of Ethics and Conduct. In all cases, an APC is valid for three years from the date of issue. APC holders must also have Professional Membership of the APC awarding body for the duration of the APC. An APC is invalid should Professional Membership lapse. All holders of current SpLD Assessment Practising Certificates are listed on the SASC website.

An Assessment Practising Certificate is a requirement for assessors conducting assessments in Dyslexia/SpLD for eligibility for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA) for anyone in post-16 schools, colleges, universities, workplace training establishments and local authority assessment centres, (effective since June 2008). The SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC) was set up by the Department for Education to establish and oversee standards in the diagnostic assessment of SpLD in these settings. SASC has authorised the BDA to issue Assessment Practising Certificates.

All those holding current APCs and writing reports for DSA should be advised that the Student Loans Company will be checking reports produced from 1st January 2018 to assure they follow the revised guidance noted below.

SASC has issued new guidance to clarify the position on best practice in the following:


APC Application Routes

There are different routes to an APC depending on  qualifications. Please click on the relevant route link on the left hand side of this page or more information.

Route One (R1) - For those who hold a post-graduate qualificaton in SpLD Teaching and Assessment that meets the requirements for AMBDA, or eqivalent, issued within the last 5 years.

Route One Plus (R1+) - For those who hold a post-graduate qualification in SpLD Teaching and Assessment that meets the requirements for AMBDA, or equivalent, issued over 5 years ago.

Route Two (R2) APEL - For those with a portfolio of evidence of teaching and assessment (APEL - Accreditation of Prior Experience or Learning).

Route Three (R3) - For teachers who have a background in SpLD theory and teaching practice (but not at AMBDA level) and have completed a course specifically geared to understanding the principles of assessment. This route is for individuals who have completed a CCET/CPT3A and have additional SASC training for example, Dyslexia: Professional Report Writing course and have ATS/APS or equivalent training.


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