Frequently Asked Questions

The following answers in the attachment are intended as guidance only.  If you do not find the answer to your particular query here, or have further questions email the BDA.  We have a large volume of calls from parents, carers and teachers regarding learners with dyslexia and you may have to wait to be answered.  Further, if you put the details of your query in writing we can more easily seek an appropriate person to give you the relevant, up to date information.

Please note: We cannot comment on the suitability or otherwise of a particular course for any individual's needs.  All courses on the BDA web site list of Accredited Courses are designed by the course providers to meet the BDA content and assessment criteria for the award to which they lead.   Courses are re-accredited every four years and are supported by a Liaison Team from the BDA Accreditation Board in between.  Details of the admission criteria, content, method of delivery and course calendar are usually available on the Course Providers' web site.  If you need more details then you should contact the Course Provider directly.

The comments of the attached are all taken from e-mails and telephone queries received in the BDA Accreditation Office from which any identifying details have been removed.

Frequently Asked Questions -  BDA; Accreditatioan

Clarification for JCQ and Access Arrangements, November 2016

The B.D.A. wishes to state clearly that holders of an AMBDA certificate are fully qualified to assess a learner and write a report requesting Access Arrangements for that learner in examinations for the JCQ purposes. For further details please read the BDA statement on AMBDA and Access Arrangements.