Applying for Course Accreditation

BDA course accreditation will normally be granted for four years. This is contingent on the Board's approval of any significant changes to the course or its personnel during that time. It is the responsibility of the Course Leader to inform the Accreditation Board of any changes in order to retain BDA Accreditation. If you do not comply with this you may lose your BDA Accreditation.

Accreditation Process

  1. Complete the Initial Course Accreditation Form and email to
  2. You will  be sent the appropriate course accreditation pack.
  3. When you have read these documents and had any queries resolved, send 2 hard copies and 1 electronic copy to the Accreditation Officer at the BDA address. Enclose a cheque or invoice for the accreditation fee, see below. 
  4. A  Liaison team made up of Accreditation Board members will oversee the accreditation process and will communicate directly with the Course Leader and should make initial contact within 6 weeks of the application
  5. There is no set time for a course accreditation  but the BDA aims to accredit courses as soon as possible and works with applicants to ensure this.

Course Fees

  • AMBDA/ATS and  AMBDAFE/HE/ATS FE/HE  - £175 plus VAT (£210)
  • ATS Dyscalculia  - £175 plus VAT (£210)
  • ALSA - £100 plus VAT (£120)

The BDA will accredit a course if the following criteria is fulfilled:

  • The quality assurance procedures are met in full.
  • The course content meets the appropriate criteria in full.
  • The course is directed and taught by appropriately qualified personnel. In particular all observation of practical work must be undertaken by a tutor who holds AMBDA or equivalent. If the observing tutor is part of the teaching team it is important to ensure that he or she is formally inducted and all evaluations are monitored.
  • Distance learning courses using tutors for observations should take formal steps to ensure cross moderation.
  • Adequate time must be allocated for coverage of the course.
  • Acceptable arrangements must be made for supervised teaching practice.
  • Appropriate means are in place to assess students’ progress and their final level of attainment.
  • An appropriately qualified external examiner must be appointed.


Courses will be re-accredited for a further four years if:

  • the content has been up-dated to take account of the changes in understanding of intervention methods with learners with dyslexia that have taken place during the period of accreditation.
  • Any significant changes to the staff teaching the course and/or the processes of teaching and assessment fulfill the BDA course criteria then in operation.
  • Re-accreditation document is available here.

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