ATS/APS Dyscalculia

The ATS/APS (Dyscalculia) courses have been designed as specialist versions of the ATS/APS  Dyslexia courses to enable teachers and practitioners to develop an understanding of the needs of individuals with dyscalculia and mathematical difficulties and how these difficulties may be addressed.

The entry requirements are the same as for any ATS/APS course and applicants  will  critically consider:

  • the debates concerning definitions, and nature, of dyscalculia and maths learning difficulties,key research in the field and its influence on teaching and learning,
  • models and theory of ‘normal’ development of numeracy/mathematical skills and how learners with dyscalculia and maths LD differ,
  • national policy issues in relation to teaching and classroom practice,
  • methods by which the core topics of maths can be taught in a manner appropriate to the needs of students with maths Learnig Difficulties/dyscalculia in an inclusive classroom,.
  • the design and delivery of individualised teaching programmes suited to learners’ needs based on principles underlying maths/numeracy learning and teaching.

Accredited Courses

Follow this link for current courses.

Who Can Apply?

Candidates are eligible ot apply for ATS/APS Dyscalulia if they fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have successfully completed an ATS/APS Dyscalculia course within three years of the date of application
  • Have at least two years experience working professionally witht he appropriate age range; learners up to and including 18 years of age by the time of application. This may be full time or equivalent total periods of part-time professional engagement
  • Submit an ATS/APS Dyscalculia Candidate Form and a SIGNED Tutor Form
  • Pay the £70 fee

Forms and Fees

Cheques are made payable to the British Dyslexia Association, all other payment details are on the candidate form and should be included with an application. We can invoice a school/employer (not individuals) if the invoice form is completed and sent with the application

Contact us

Accreditation, British Dyslexia Association, 6a Bracknell Beeches, Old Bracknell Lane, Bracknell RG12 7BW