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Accredit a course

BDA Accreditation Board

What is the BDA Accreditation Board?

The BDA Accreditation Board accredits course providers who offer courses of study leading to the BDA accreditations of Accredited Learning Support Assistant (ALSA), Accredited Teacher Status (ATS) and Associate Membership of the BDA (AMBDA) and their FE/HE and Dyscalculia equivalents. The Board develops the criteria for these courses of study and ensures that all courses meet these rigorous criteria.

The Board is also responsible for considering all applications from those applying for AMBDA or ATS through an Individual Merit route.

The Accreditation Board operates under strict regulations and consists of:

  • The CEO of the BDA
  • A Chair, who is independent of any provider of dyslexia training, and is appointed by the BDA Board of Trustees
  • A Vice Chair, who is the BDA Education Manager
  • Representatives of the regional concerns of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and international courses
  • Representatives of providers of professional services to the sector
  • Course providers (one of whom must be a provider of distance courses)
  • A representative of Local Authorities/children's services/national educational issues or policy
  • One person chosen specifically for their wide knowledge of dyslexia and its effects
  • The Chair of the BDA Management Board

Currently, the members of the BDA Accreditation Board are:

  • Gavin Reid (Chair)
  • Gillian Ashley
  • Sharon McMurray MBE
  • Julie Ross
  • Joanna Dunton
  • Tilly Mortimore
  • Lynn Greenwold OBE
  • Richard Lewis
  • Claire Harvey
  • Lisa McIntyre
  • Lynda Hine
  • Jennifer Donovan
  • Jennie Guise
  • Julia Brown
  • Katrina Cochrane
  • Judy Hornigold