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Update on Dyslexia Action 4.5.2017

Thursday 4 May 2017

Dyslexia Action update 4.5.2017

The following has been posted on the DA website:


Do you require an assessment for you or your child? Please click here

Do you require a teacher/tutor for you or your child? Please click here

Dyslexia Action Shop click here

Any financial claims on Dyslexia Action, now in administration, should be referred to RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP 0203 201 8000 or email

Matthew Haw and Karen Spears act as agents of the Charity without any personal liability.

Dyslexia Action Training, Dyslexia Guild and Dyslexia Action Shop, previously owned by Dyslexia Institute Ltd, have been acquired by Real Group Ltd. All online training courses, online retail operations and Dyslexia Guild activities will continue as normal, and any current or future customers or members will be unaffected by this change.

For any enquiries please contact either Real Group: , 01273 358080 or Kathryn Benzine, Head of Education and Training at Dyslexia Action: , 01784 222304.