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Lord Renwick, 1935 – 2020

Tuesday 1 September 2020

Lord Renwick

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of The Lord Renwick in August. Lord Renwick was Chairman of the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) from 1977 - 82 and latterly a Vice-President of the BDA.

Gillian Ashley, Interim CEO of the BDA said:

“His support for the British Dyslexia Association was invaluable in enabling the voices of people with dyslexia to be heard.”

Lord Renwick was a member of the House of Lords from 1973 until November 1999 and in his maiden speech, in the House of Lords in 1975, he spoke of his personal interest in dyslexia.  Thereafter and throughout his time in the House, he helped to present dyslexia as a mainstream problem raising it at every opportunity and making sure that the Government were aware of it.  He was instrumental in bringing together influencers, decision-makers, and fundraisers to improve the lives of dyslexic people.  He provided many opportunities for the BDA both in public and behind the scenes, and until very recently he could be seen in networking and supporting us.  He was actively involved in setting up the World Dyslexia Network Foundation to foster collaboration with our overseas associates.

Lord Renwick at the British Dyslexia Association International Conference

Lord Renwick is regarded as one of the pioneers of the dyslexia world.  He shared our core values and strived then as we do today, for more awareness and specialist teacher training.  He will be remembered in particular for initiating the first BDA International Conference.  But perhaps most of all he will be remembered for arranging funding for the first two trial issues of Contact Magazine in 1982.  Without Lord Renwick and the team that supported him, this issue may never have been produced.