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Local Association Board meeting

Saturday 13 July 2019

The Local Association Board (LAB) connects the British Dyslexia Association and our Local Dyslexia Associations (LDAs). On 13 July, it was great to have our regular LAB meeting and hear about the key issues and activities affecting the LDAs and Support Groups.

It was also good to hear feedback that those LDAs that have hosted Parents Roadshows have increased memberships and in one case a new group has been developed.

The BDA and the LAB have also been working hard to create a “funding pot” that LDAs can access to support their activities. More news about this to follow.

Helen Boden, CEO of British Dyslexia Association, said:

“Lone voices are easily ignored. Large groups of voices not speaking in a coordinated way just become noise and are easily ignored. A large group of voices speaking together as one voice is a powerful thing. This is what the BDA provides.

“We bring together grass roots views under one umbrella to influence policy and drive positive change. Where issues are brought to us or are identified, when we speak as a united community, we have great strength, and this is what the BDA does best.”

You find more information about your nearest LDA here.