Research into Issues for adults with Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties

2017 BDA Margaret Malpas shares her Research and Products for Adults with Dyslexia and related Conditions

Throughout 2017, the BDA is promoting the cause of adults with dyslexia. We are launching new research and two new products for adults with dyslexia and related conditions. The research highlights how dyslexic adults can be successful and lead self fulfilled lives.

Whilst the BDA continue to consult and influence for positive change for all dyslexic people, we know that it’s important to be enabled to help ourselves too. We will be offering an elearning programme for £12.99 (and free to those who provide proof that they are not waged). This programme shows how to grow your strengths and abilities towards developing the ten characteristics that successful dyslexic adults, share.

“Self Fulfilment with Dyslexia: a blueprint for success”  a new book by our Joint Chair, Margaret Malpas, MBE, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers describes the ten characteristics for success, how to develop them and demonstrates each through a personal case study. All royalties from the book have been donated to the B.D.A. to further its work in influencing stakeholders to improve the lives of those with these conditions.

Please click here to view the research results by Joint Chair, Margaret Malpas, MBE.