Frank Augur

Frank Augur

The BDA is sad to hear that Frank Augur died on Tuesday. He died of pancreatic cancer and has been ill since January.  The funeral is at St Mary’s, Henley on 14th July.

Frank was the husband of Jean Augur, the first B.D.A. Education Director. I remember him driving her to events, in the 1990s, e.g. L.D.A. meetings, and sitting at the back listening to her talks that he must have heard many, many times. Two of their three sons were dyslexic.

When Jean died of cancer, in her prime, Frank carried on her work, by training as a Befriender. He supported members of several L.D.A.s near his own Oxfordshire DA.

Frank later married Cleone Parker, now Cleone Augur, long time B.D.A. Helpline Manager. He was a member of BDA-forum for many years. Our sympathy and best wishes go to Cleone.

- Jean Hutchins